You’ve got questions about how to improve your business processes and overall efficiency:

Q. How should I manage my staff timesheets and HR information now there’s a real squeeze on my business?

Q. How should I manage my projects and clients so my clients can log-in to update me or find out for themselves?

Q. How can I manage my members and keep track of their activities and interests?

You’ve looked around at off-the-shelf products and they’ve raised even more questions:

Q. Will this really do what I need?
Q. Will I have to change the way I work?
Q. What if I need new features later on?
Q. They charge per-user so what will it end up costing?
Q. What if I want to open it up to my customers?
Q. Is it secure?

We’ve got answers in the form of AlphaCRM for your business:

  • Your system is designed for you

Your AlphaCRM system starts with your requirements and we build exactly what you need so there’s never any worry whether an off-the-shelf system actually does what you need or if the sales person ‘just said yes’

  • Your system does exactly what you want

You don’t need to change the way you work or what you call things just to suit the system, we design it so things are called what you call them and follow your workflows

  • Your system grows with you

You can be sure your system will always grow with your needs and you will never go beyond the facilities of an off-the-shelf system

  • Your monthly costs are fixed

You don’t need to pay us more simply because your business grows and you now need to support more staff users

  • Client log-in accounts are free

If you want client accounts in your system, whether you have one customer or 10,000 you don’t need to pay account fees for them to help keep you and them efficient

  • Your system has European-grade security and privacy

We design your system for you within GDPR legislation and host it in the UK or the EU so you don’t need to worry whether you comply