Alpha Systems Consultants

Alpha Systems Consultants Ltd. is an independent software and systems consultancy.

It is the primary reseller and implementation partner of AlphaCRM but can also provide software lifecycle services in other contexts.

Requirements gathering

If you are planning to implement a new system, or just feel the current one is no longer right for you, we can meet with your people to review current systems, develop requirements for new processes, data and workflow and can provide you with a specification document which you can then put in front of your preferred suppliers. Why take this approach? Vendors are typically inclined to offer their solution regardless of it’s fitness for you, so our impartial study can help you separate the story from the truth.

Project management

You are undoubtedly skilled in your sector but if you are running a software project that might present challenges outside your comfort zone. As specialists in software development, we can be your project manager, talking with your developers or vendors and relating their progress to you in your terms. Equally if you need support for your own project team in such an area, we can also do that.

System implementation

We have the skills in-house to develop web-based systems or PC/Mac-based systems for you, or even hybrid systems that work across your infrastructure.

Data integration

Sometimes you have information in your LAN you need to access in your cloud-based systems, or the other way round. We can help you build software bridges between your systems to help your business efficiency.


Your developers or vendor will be testing a system being built for you, but they may not always catch all the issues since they do not think the same way as you.

We can work with you to build a test suite and even run tests for you so that you know what issues to raise with the supplier.

You may even simply have doubts about the reliability of an existing system, so we can help there as well.


They say that systems are designed to be easy to use. Well, that’s true up to a point. We can work with your team to identify areas of the documentation for your systems or processes that need improving or even start from scratch to build you documentation that’s fit for purpose.


You have systems in place, or being developed but the vendor or developer does not have the resource or skill to provide hands-on training for your staff or users.

We have experience in software training and so are happy to help with this – whether coupled with testing services or earlier business analysis or as a stand-alone activity.


Ongoing review is like business analysis but without a new system to show for it. Instead you can learn how the business is working and how your systems are helping or hindering your business efficiency. We can work with your staff and clients or suppliers to review things and report back.

Contact us to find out how we can help with your software lifecycle requirements.

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