AlphaCRM automating your support and sales processes

Typically, support or sales emails are handled by one or more individuals and the process starts when someone sees an email to act on.

Sometimes, several people can act on the one email at the same time or it’s assumed someone else has dealt with it already. Neither of these situations is good for your reputation or how the customer sees your efficiency.

We can work with you to implement automation for incoming emails which can set up allocation, workflows, escalations, notifications or however else you want to handle things.

Your users can be confident they are dealing with the right email and your customer can know almost immediately that their email is being dealt with.

Where you have SLAs or escalation paths, these can be implemented with timed actions which ensure the appropriate line manager is notified or the appropriate mitigation takes place.

Talk to us today to discuss how AlphaCRM can increase your productivity and decrease your mishandling.