AlphaCRM for project management

Off-the-shelf project management systems can be complex to use because they try to do everything.

You might want a simpler system that all staff and even some clients can easily use without being experts in project management.

You could have your own, tailored system that allows you to manage clients and projects, budgets and time allocations and to create the reports you need.

Reports can be read-only as PDF files generated from your data, or could be editable in docx format so that you can add your own content or personalise it even further once the system has generated it for you.

Where a client might need some sort of data summary in a spreadsheet that can also be generated and you might even decide to email both of them to the client at set times.

Remember, this is only an outline of what you might need from your AlphaCRM system – because we build it just for you, it can do whatever you need it to do.

Talk to us today to see how we can help you build the project management system your business process has been calling out for.