AlphaCRM for your data-driven web site

You’re planning a data-rich web site, such as a B2C bookings, sales or reviews platform. You have the visual design and the team to build an attractive system for you in an off-the-shelf Content Management System.

Your roadblock now is that your web designers are not experts in complex data or workflows and they can only take you so far using built-in or plugin features.

Your data is unique, as are your workflows and that uniqueness is not supported anywhere – which is why you are unique.

You’re in the right place -talk to us at AlphaCRM.

Using AlphaCRM as the back-end data management and workflow engine we can help your developers work with your data and your business processes.

For example, in a room booking system you can:
– Store and manage customers and customer-added data
– Approve and decline registrations with automated emails
– Automate payments and refunds on the right day

In a reviews platform you can:
– Authenticate a user to permit them to post a review
– Notify data owners of the new review
– Run a workflow to report or accept the review

Such processes are behind-the-scenes and your users interact with a highly visual web site but they benefit from the rich capabilities of your AlphaCRM system doing the hard work.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your web designers help you in your data-intensive business.