AlphaCRM for your global business

  • You run an export business, or a business with operations in more than one country.
  • You run a business whose users do not all speak your language.
  • You need to operate different business processes or different approvals in different territories

These are just some of the concerns faced by outward-looking businesses today.

If you share these concerns, AlphaCRM may be the solution for you.

Our combination of rich features allows you to own a business information system designed for your needs including all the above

  • We can build workflows which vary from user to user or branch to branch
  • We can build a user experience that uses the languages your staff and client portal users need
  • We can build email templates and document templates which conform to local regulations and formats using vocabulary your users expect
  • We can include support for multi-currency activities
  • We can build in API support for services unique to your regions and territories

Talk to us today if you need this support as your business grows.