AlphaCRM managing your bookings

AlphaCRM has been used in sectors requiring dated and timed bookings for many years, including the following types of applications

  • Automotive services
  • Medical appointments
  • Room booking and ticket sales (see AlphaBook for more information)

The rich workflow and data supported natively by AlphaCRM make it an ideal platform on which to build your booking management system.

  • Calendar views tailored to the type of user who is logged-in
  • Free client portal for your customers, not just your staff
  • Notification workflows to suit the type of user and the type of booking
  • Detailed reporting in common formats such as Excel, PDF, csv
  • Designed for use on desktop and mobile devices

Some examples of a diary view from a commercial booking platform built on AlphaCRM

Your system will be designed for you to meet your specific business processes and data – you don’t need o bend your needs to suit an off-the-shelf platform.

Talk to us today to see how we can build you a booking system or platform for your business or industry and how you can benefit from the efficiency gains by implementing your process in AlphaCRM.