AlphaCRM managing your membership

Your membership organisation clearly has unique concerns and therefore needs a unique platform to manage the organisation and it’s members.

If you’ve looked at off-the-shelf systems you’ve probably found they lack ‘something’ you need, or they focus too much on the ‘wrong things’ or they just cost too much for what they deliver. Or worse, they sound cost-effective but you need the features they class as ‘premium’ and the price goes up but you’re already locked-in.

This is where AlphaCRM comes in.

All our systems are purpose-designed and built to meet your exact needs:

  • Rich approval and review processes for new members or activities
  • Complex data such as medical or external memberships
  • Many admin users with specific responsibilities
  • Secure data and access to meet GDPR legislation
  • Reliable and low-cost bulk emails to your approved membership
  • Member log-in to manage their own information
  • Secure purchases
  • Safe bulk emailing to your membership

Talk to us now to see how we can build your ideal membership management system tailored especially for you.