AlphaCRM managing your staff and timesheets

Some standard HR or project management systems are too complex to expect staff to use if such things are not their speciality.

Sometimes you might just want an easy clock-in from their mobile phone but also allow them to book time off if they need to, or perhaps do a quality audit from time to time.

It’s inevitable that your business needs don’t quite fit the common systems that are out there today.

Because AlphaCRM systems are built to-order, we can wrap up just the features you need and not charge you for the ones you don’t.

We work with you to identify the specific features, information and processes you need and we build those for you in a system which you can own and for which you won’t need to pay per user or per use.

Some features we routinely build-in for clients:

  • Mobile clock-in/out with location information
  • Holiday requests
  • Expense claims
  • Timesheet session management
  • Sub-contractor self-invoicing
  • Quality control surveys or audits
  • Consumable and equipment management

We can also incorporate data views such as cards or timelines and present data as charts or calendars, whatever helps you get the most out of your staff.

Talk to us today to see how we can increase the efficiency of your staff and project processes.