Professional Services

As you will see from Getting Started our Professional Services team will work with you to specify, implement and deploy your business system based on AlphaCRM.

The considerable experience of our Professional Services team is also available to you independently for any phase of a system life cycle.

We take the time to learn your business and speak your business language. When you engage us we aim to become embedded in your team and become your ‘my technical people’ not just ‘the consultants’.

  • Requirements gathering – You can make use of our business analysis skills regardless of whether you plan to use AlphaCRM in your business or not. We can help you agree and write requirements using our proven processes including workshops and observations followed by the production of a document you can use with your suppliers. We use our own UseCase Whiteboard product to write your requirements in a way that’s designed to be easy for you to review and approve. 

  • Infrastructure review – If you are reviewing and changing your systems and/or business processes it might be time to review the hardware and infrastructure you use. We can bring some insights to that process and help ensure you don’t feel forced into changes for the sake of it.

  • Product and supplier selection – Whether AlphaCRM is on your shortlist or not we can help you review and select products and suppliers to meet your needs. If you need independent technical ‘back-up’ when supplier conversations get technical we can give you that. 

  • Implementation – The development skills in our Professional Services team include not just the core technology of AlphaCRM. We are therefore able to help you with implementation of other systems and other platforms. Contact us to see what we can do to help. 

  • Integration – Our Professional Services team have experience of integration between various software solutions and platforms. We are therefore able to provide both consultancy and practical help with integrating your systems with other commercial or open-source systems. 

  • Document management/generation – Our team have experience developing systems which generate, manage, analyse, modify and deliver documents in a variety of fomats including PDF, Word and Excel. We can therefore help you integrate these activities into your workflow.

  • Testing – In the same way we can bring a fresh perspective to your requirements, we can also bring a fresh pair of eyes to testing an old or new system. This testing can be structured around agreed/expected requirements or it can be based on ‘playing’ to see what happens. In either case a list of issues of concern can be made available for review with your suppliers/developers and we can help you to improve your systems. 

  • Documentation – Because we can help you specify and test your systems we can also help document them as a practical day-to-day user guide. We can therefore improve the efficiency of your current or new staff. 

  • User training – Hand-in-hand with creating a user guide or some requirements comes the process of training your staff to use the tools you give them. As we have experience in software training we can help your staff get to grips with your systems in a way that allows your existing staff to get on with your business. 

  • Ongoing review – It’s wrong to think that once a system is in place it will just take care of itself. Your suppliers should deal with defects and change requests but you may benefit from independent review of ongoing processes and requirements or review of issues that are found over a period of time. Because we work with our own clients over periods of many years we can also bring this long-term review to your business and processes. 

Contact our Professional Services team at or call on +44 (0)1489 290020 .