Updates in our 2021.1 release

The 2021.1 release includes the following built-in for inclusion in your system.

New features

  • New support for subforms inside an editor
  • New support for editable subgrids inside an editor
  • New user-editable Wiki pages for e.g. enhanced help or other information.
  • New option to hide the main menu to optimise data space on a smaller display.
  • New framework to support additional database server types
  • New support for system settings which can be managed by an admin user
  • New support for XML fields for extensible data structures


  • Improved behind-the-scenes API usage
  • Improved error handling for poor server connections
  • Improved support for PDF documents with non-standard page sizes or irregular margins
  • Additional simple formatting controls in email and other templates

See also 2020.4